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24 August 2015
Cupcake stands are a fun decoration for any party! Why not show off your delicious party sweets on top of these super cute stands. They're super easy to make and there's 3 different designs to choose from.
All you have to do is download the artwork, print it out (the thicker the paper, the better) then follow these simple instructions.

1. Cut out the base of the stand, and concertina fold like is shown. Make sure the white sections are folded outwards.

2. Apply glue to the back on the folded base.

3. Stick together all the folded section, as shown.

4. Cut out the white semi-circle sections! now your base is complete!

5. Cut out the top of the stand (front and back together) and fold in half.

6. Glue the front and back together, then cut around the scalloped edges.

7. Now its time to join both pieces together. Apply glue across the top edge on the base (we used fabric glue, but normal craft glue will be fine)

8. Stick the top the base, and now your stand is complete!!

There's 3 designs to choose from, so you can mix and match! Dont forget to share your creations on social media and hashtag #happyhouse

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