Fun Stuff
15 January 2015

Time for some more fun stuff using Happy House downloadable artwork!
Paper boxes are lots of fun to make and can be used to store all sorts of bits and pieces. Plus they're really easy to make!!
All you need is paper, a printer and scissors! To begin, download our free artwork from here:
There are lots of designs to choose from that have both a top and a bottom.
Print out your chosen design and cut out the square shaped design. Now you're ready to start folding!

1. place the paper pattern side down, then fold in half. Unfold, rotate 90 degrees and fold in half again.

2. open the paper, then fold the paper corner to corner, to form a triangle. Unfold, rotate 90 degrees and fold again.

3. start folding each corner into the center of your paper square.

4. you should now have a square shape

5. fold one side into the middle of the square, then repeat of the other side. Unfold, rotate 90 degrees, and fold in the other edges.

6. Unfold 2 opposite triangles and lay them flat, as shown in the picture.

7. Lift up the sides and the corners should start to fold in. Lift this flap up and over to form the side of your box. You can use some glue or sticky tape to keep the flap from moving. Repeat on the opposite side.

8. Repeat all the steps to make the bottom box and now you can put them together!

You can use any square piece of paper to make lots of different designs and different sizes! Happy making!

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