25 May 2010

As you may or may not know Happy House created Little Princess many years ago, she came about via a product I was designing for some gift ware and just by chance she became a shining star. Over the years we have recreated her to feature in many different outfits, in various locations, with friends and pets, traveling the world to holiday destinations and . She tends to be the girl in all of us, sometimes she is playful and young, at others she is meaningful and responsible but she is always fun and unique. What I especially love about LP is that she can reflect any situation, be able to create a feel or drive a statement that has ethical meaning and or is just inspired for no other reason than evoking happiness. LP features in retro inspired sets, from the 60's, 70's or more recently the 80's! She sometimes just reflects our simple daily pleasures like picnics, shopping, hanging at school or with friends. She is also not age specific so you will notice how she shrinks and grows, shrinks and grows, she definitely keeps me on my toes. If you have any great suggestions for where and how you would love to see LP featured let us know by leaving a comment here. I would love to have a go at recreating your ideas and then post them for your pleasure and just maybe she will feature like this on an upcoming product!


Hi Tiffany, I'm a Big Fan of

Hi Tiffany, I'm a Big Fan of HH since I was in Elementary School :D
I love LP a lot and I'd like to have more LP in simple yet lovable design like I used to bought 10years ago.
Would you recreate the whole items like LP, Candy Love, Glamour Puss, Lulu and Trixie as same as 10years ago?
I really like HH Classic which always remind my childhood memories and I hope you can sell it in Indonesia because HH store in Indonesia is not as complete as in website. :(
I'd love to hear your response.

Thank you and keep up your creative works! xx

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