9 March 2010

Its been a while since Happy House has sold in Australia, I guess that is what happens when you are distracted by other parts of your business and overseas opportunities. Its an awakening when I realised just how sad it was that we had not been taking care of our own brand in our very own country, so it was time to have product available again back on familar shores. It was fun using a favorite spot of mine to use as a back drop for the new shoot and show just how fabulous Australian beaches really are. Typically though just when you need the day to be perfect, the sun kept hiding behind the clouds but after 3 attempts to score the perfect day, it was well 'what the heck, lets just go for it' get in the car and try to beat the band of clouds that where fast approaching. The girls Mimi, Belle, Macy and Indigo where all lots of fun and they bared the chilly wind at times and loved the sun when it was there and really just made the most of the patchy day. Warm or not it was still beautiful. These new bags will be coming to Australian shores soon so beg your local retailer to give us a call at head office so they may make these bags available in your favorite store near you!

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