19 February 2013

Sometimes when we are brainstorming new ideas for a theme we can't help but be drawn to things we personally love at the time. Sometimes its travel or a particular country, a certain era because of the fashion styles or the culture of that time, music styles or simple things like drinking tea and loving cup cakes! So Little Princess recently featured as part of her rock band with a very 80's inspired look, and we are soooo happy with how it finished up...... see pics on the blog post before and more to come soon. Then we took Little Princess back to the swinging 50's and over the last week we made a special little theme up that was totally inspired by one of our favorite musicians and song writers of the moment Australian girl Lisa Mitchell. Lisa is young, beautiful, so very talented and passionate about her music. She has such a sence of her own style and writes from the heart. Her music is quirky and soft and fun to sing to. So our Little Princess theme this time is called 'Little Song Bird' and its our ode to Lisa Mitchell.
You should hear some of Lisa's tunes on her blog or search for her in the itunes store or see her working the camera for a photo shoot for Yen magazine by following the links. Thanks Lisa for your beautiful inspiration.

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