23 March 2015

Paint Pot is a range of artwork we completed not that long ago. We thought it might be fun to show a little of what goes into creating the artwork!
Each theme/range has its own inspiration.. sometimes its just something we see and like, other times we plan for a specific look. Paint Pot was originally a range which we wanted to have a hand-painted, hand-drawn, organic look. We wanted to move away from the clean crisp vector illustrations and create texture with paint brushes.

With this look and feel in mind, we started our research. On the look out for anything that would offer some inspiration for colour palettes, patterns, icons, techniques etc. We're big fans of Pinterest so we spend lots of time scrolling through the endless pins, until we see something that catches our eye. We were really attracted to geometric patterns, small painted details within shapes, a colour palette featuring a lot of black, lime, turquoise, and a slightly muted pink. We put all these images together and created a storyboard for the direction of the artwork.

From this, we started illustrating! Simple pencil sketches first, then we got out the paint brush along with some black ink and painted over the sketches. We also painted lots of little dots, dashes and lines as well as large sections of black with the brush strokes showing through. The icons featured decorative hearts, skulls, cactus, plus Happy House favourites like Iggy and Little Princess.

We then scanned all these illustrations, converted them into vector artwork and began colouring and combining elements. Using the little dots and dashes as detail within icons and as part of the background. We also used the painted brush stroke texture as background patterns, and used the Illustrator brush tools to create shadows within each icon. The colour palette was created and refined through the design process.

The artwork is formed into placement prints and repeat patterns. This artwork we then sent out to our licensees around the world.
Along with the artwork, we prepared product concepts, showing how the artwork would work best on bags, stationery, bed linen etc. Since we released this range, its already been used on designs for diaries, notebooks, headphones and phone covers, which will be released through the year. Its a great part of the process when the designs finally come to life on products.

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