Fun Stuff
12 November 2014

We've recently come across the revived trend of Snail Mail Pen Pals, and we love it! Its all about finding new friends across the world and actually hand-writing them a letter. Sharing stories from each other lives on a personal level, instead of using mass social media.. and of course decorating each letter!! We found lots images of some beautifully decorated letters and even one of our instagram followers was using Happy House stickers too! We were incredible inspired! So to help any potential Snail Mailers out there, we've put together some fun Happy House graphics to download. Just click on the link to download a pdf: then you can print them out, cut them up and decorate your letters! And if you're interested in becoming a Pen Pal, just Google 'snail mail pen pals' and there's so many sites out there to help you get connected!

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